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How to personalize the wallpaper for GXP2140?


Branding your customers IP Phones will help you to reinforce your customers branding in front of their client meetings or to reflect their image to their staff and visitors. You can accomplish it by personalizing the wallpaper on your phone GXP2140; it can be done easy and fast through Grandstream’ GUI, below are 5 simple steps.

About Grandstream IP Phone GXP2140

The GXP2140 is a 4-line IP Phone that features a full color-screen, Gigabit ports, built-in Bluetooth for use with Bluetooth headsets and for transferring calls to/from mobile device. It is compatible with the GXP2200 EXT . more click here.

To work…

Material use:

  • IP Phone GXV2140 firmware
  • PC
  • Image File
  • Internet

This is how the screen looks with one active line before changing it with your image logo.

2014-08-29 10.30.05

1. Have your logo with the desire image saved in your laptop or pc.

In regards the image, the manufacturer suggest a file 480 x 272 pixels less than 500 KB, nevertheless on firmware or higher, the phone will rescale to fit the screen regardless of aspect ratio. This means it may distort the image to make it fit the screen.

This is our selected image, you can use it as a reference.

GXP2140-60-WALLPAPER2. Go to your laptop or computer, enter to your browser (I use chrome), write the IP Address of your GXP2140, in your browser, (which can be located at the “Home” icon, “Status”, in “Network status”).

Note: your computer and your GXP2140 must be connected to the same network.

To know the ip of your GXP2140:

  • Press “OK” key.
  • Move the arrow key to “Status” logo and press “OK”
  • Move the arrow key to “Network Status” and press “OK”
  • IPv4 address: (in my case)
  • Copy in your browser the IP address, in my case

menu_GXP2140  2014-08-29 10.31.09

2014-08-29 10.31.21  2014-08-29 10.31.31



3. Once in Grandstream’s GUI (graphical user interface), for a factory reset GXP2140, enter the word “admin” as username and password, hit login.

4. Choose “Settings”, LCD Display; in “Wallpaper Source” pick “Uploaded”, go to upload choose your file.

2014-08-29 10.32.165. Go to the bottom of the screen click, “Save and apply”, your new wallpaper was replaced.

2014-08-29 10.32.50

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