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Emsisoft Anti-Malware, protects computer systems from global Cyberattack of Ransomware: Wanna Cry

This information can save your data.

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Last Friday May, 2017, a Ransomware type malware attacked over 74 countries. Huge companies like Telefónica from Spain and the National Health Center of United Kingdom, were affected, generating million dollar losses and shutdown of their systems. This Ransomware takes advantage of a Microsoft Windows Vulnerability.
The malware (known as Wanna Cry) kidnaps the information, encrypts it and then asks for a ransom in order to decrypt the data bank. Currently what is known about this menace is:
  • The program is a ransomware: encrypts data and then asks for a rescue to revert the process.
  • Payment must be done in Bitcoins (virtual currency), but there is no guarantee that the information will be released.
  • It has been successful in 74 countries and counting, among them: Spain, Taiwan, Russia, Portugal, Ukraine, Turkey and United Kingdom.
  • It has shutdown some services in at least 16 hospitals and health centers in United Kingdom.
  • It only affects Microsoft Windows operative system.

The Behavior Blocker technology used by Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Emsisoft Internet Security has proven to be the next best defense, as it has caught the ransomware before the file could execute and thus once again keeping our users protected from this and hundreds of other ransomware families without the need for signatures.

wanna cry, malware, ransomware, emsisoft
What we recommend:
Besides keeping an updated backup of all the important information in your system, protect it NOW with Emsisoft products for servers, endpoints, laptops and mobile devices.