Products Q&A

What is the UCM6510 IP PBX Appliance?  

Is an open source, licensing-free appliance that integrates security, reliability, video, data and mobility features to Small and Medium size businesses (SMB) in one device. This powerful hardware platform is based on Asterisk® and can help SMBs afford and enjoy the benefits of VoIP in a secure and stable way.

What can we What can we expect of The UCM6510?

The UCM6510 is one of the most complete IP-PBX appliances in the market since its packed with enterprise-grade features and solutions that allows businesses to  move forward in an efficient way.

What kind of interface does the UCM6510 have and why do we need it?

The UCM6510 comes with 2 FXO and 2 FXS interfaces for analog connections as well as 1 T1/E1/J1 interface for digital connections. These interfaces are really important for many businesses, especially those migrating from analog platforms to IP that want to keep their analog telephone lines and other analog devices such as fax, POS in use, or for businesses that require digital connections.

How many sip Trunk accounts can be connected to the IP PBX Appliance UCM6510?

The UCM6510 allows up to 50 SIP trunks.

Which provisioning protocols do the UCM6510 use?

The UCM6510 uses DHCP Option 66, multicast SIP subscribes and madness for auto-provisioning of Grandstream’s endpoints. This feature is called Zero Config.

Is the IP PBX Appliance UCM6510 multi language?

Yes. Grandstream appliances support Multi-Language user interface in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, Italian, Polish and Czech, and IVR/voice prompts in English, Chinese, British English, German, Spanish, Greek, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Hebrew and Arabic.

What call center feature does the IP PBX Appliance UCM6510 have?

The UCM6510 comes with Call Center capabilities such as call queues, automatic call distribution (ACD) based on agent skills/availability/workload and in-queue announcements.

Does the IP PBX Appliance UCM6510 have a customizable auto – attendant?

Yes. The UCM6510 comes with up to 5 layers of customizable IVR (Interactive Voice Response).

What size of business can use the IP PBX Appliance UCM6510?

Grandstream focuses on Small and Medium size Businesses, but with the UCM6510 you can have up to 2000 SIP endpoint registrations, up to 200 concurrent calls and up to 64 simultaneous conference attendees which means large businesses can enjoy its benefits too.

What is the NVR GVR3550?

The NVR GVR3550 is a powerful network video recorder, offers an easy-to-manage solution for video surveillance recording and monitoring.  It is almost a plug and play solution that provides simultaneous live feed of up to 16 cameras, video recording, indexing, easy search and video storage using only one device.

How much is the license fee per channel for the NVR GVR3550?

There is no license fee; the software app is totally free.

 How many channels does the GVR3550 support?

The NVR GVR3550 supports up to 24 channels of 720p (1280×720) or 12 channels of 1080p (1920×1080)

 How does the NVR GVR3550 record mode work?

The NVR GVR3550 can be fully customize manual or automatic,  with recording rules as; time based, event based, event triggered.

What video compression does the NVR GVR3550 use?

It uses H.264 baseline, main of high profile.

How do the IP Cameras sync with the NVR GVR3550?

The NVR GVR3550 automatically discovers IP cameras on the local network.

Can the NVR GVR3550 support IP Cameras that are not Grandstream?

Yes, the NVR GVR3550 supports any IP Video surveillance cameras that are ONVIF compliant IP.

What happens to the recordings on the NVR GVR3550 when power interruptions occur?

It has a storage system that is very strong against power interruption.  Automatic recording resume after power failure and automatic storage recycling.

What type of network connection does the NVR GVR3550 have?

It has 1 RJ45 10M/100M/1000M network interface

How many hard drives does the NVR GVR3550 support?

The NVR GVR3550, supports up to 4 SATA 3.5” internal hard drives with maximum 16TB storage

RAID 0 or RAID 1 configurations.

Can I integrate the surveillance and the alarm system with the NVR GVR3550?

Yes, both systems can be integrated it together on the NVR GVR3550, it has an alarm in terminal for up 16 inputs (NO/NC) and two alarm out terminal (Relay).