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Why do you need to wait to use iOS 8, if you are Switchvox Mobile app user?

If “Switchvox Mobile app”, is important for you and has increased your productivity, we need to wait to upgrade the iPhone or getting a new one with iOs 8. 


Digium has advice that the current version of the app is currently not supported for iOs 8, their plan is to make the new iOS 8 app available to the channel partners in October 2014. An Android version of the softphone, with the same feature-set, will be developed and released after the iOS version.

Switchvox Mobile app is a free application available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry that allows you to dial from your smartphone and the calls are made through Switchvox. Some of the feature are; Protect your personal contact info, Control your extension from anywhere, Make mobile calls, Manage mobile voicemail and mobile call rules, Use your work caller ID when using your mobile instead of your personal cell number, Keep track of mobile workers etc.

For more information you can visit the following link