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Grandstream Beta Club tester for the New Network Video Recorder (NVR) GVR3550

Last Tuesday 16th Grandstream announced officially the opening of the Beta Club Forum for the GVR3550 Network Video Recorder; this is a great opportunity for people within the surveillance business to try this new NVR.


The $1 Beta testing program idea was launched on April 2014 and it is a great way to get a feedback for the products before they are launched to the market, it is designed to IP technology aficionados, those who like to dig in and test new products, they will provide them feedback and propose software enhancements prior to the official release of the product. The application is free, as well as the beta testing product model and shipping for  $1 charge will apply to approved participants only to cover handling costs. Each product has limited amount of beta test units and the application is free, applicants will go through a screening, qualification, they are interested in experiencing with IP products platforms and endpoints willing to explore new technology.

The Network Video Recorder GXV3550 it was designed to offer the small, medium business and residential users to manage the video surveillance recording and monitoring. It will allow users to record and monitor their IP video surveillance network using just one device.

Buckle up, because we’ve heard that from the official launch of the beta club to the arrival of the product it only takes between 4 to 6 weeks. The MSRP is around is $279.00